Secular Homeschooling

At this page, you’ll read about my experiences with secular homeschooling.  Though we are Christian, Spouse and I decided we would incorporate more of a secular nature of homeschooling than religious or spiritual.  Our kids attend Sunday School therefore learning at church.

I decided to go with the K12 ( public homeschool curriculum.  Child A’s kindergarten curriculum was amazing, actually having History and Science lessons for a kindergartener, which is unheard of in the public school system.  He is about to start 2nd grade and I am in anticipation of what the curriculum will be.  Child B will begin his K12 experience next fall as a Kindergartener.  This year, he enters a co-op preschool, which is where the parents volunteer to help out at the school, lowering tuition costs.

I will more share about this experience as well as some tips to organize kids during the school year.  As I type, I am researching how to make the upcoming school year a positive, organized one. Feel free to comment or ask questions about this page.

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