Food, Glorious Food!

On this page, I will share some recipes and also how to eat more nutritious food.  I get it.  Sometimes eating healthy isn’t the greatest, but the end results are so wonderful.  Truly.  I have learned that I can eat a bad-for-you treat sporadically if I eat healthy most of the time.  And this is coming from a diabetic.

In my household, there are people with ADHD and me with Type 2 Diabetes.  My cooking and baking caters to all of us.  I have noticed when I feed my family an overabundance of white carbs, everyone seems a little loopy (the peeps with ADHD) and my glucose numbers are out of whack.  But by keeping to a stricter diet, we have reaped the benefits from this decision.

I am open to comments and questions regarding these sticky topics.  Recipes will be posted soon.

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