About Me

I am Liz.  I am married to Spouse and we have two children, A and B, along with part-timer C.  We currently reside in Northern California where trees in abundance, the scenery is pretty, and life moves in a rat race or marathon or whatever.

I am a California native, though I have lived back East and loved it!  I would love to move back there, but Spouse doesn’t want to shovel snow so instead I long for colorful seasons.  I also have been fortunate enough to travel all over the US, Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe. I did all of this when I was single so now I want to travel with Spouse and the Kids. I added a fall photo to remind me of a lovely season.

I am also disabled but manage to organize the house, my life, my family, and homeschool my kids.  Child A starts the 2nd grade soon and Child B begins preschool so I have my hands full.  In a good way.

I am also providing a link to my Disclosure Page here as there are affiliate links in a variety of different articles. Thank you.