4 Practical Approaches to Weight Maintenance During the Holidays


The holidays are approaching.  Just think….family gatherings, holiday parties, and FOOD. My mother-in-law told me we should diet throughout the year in order to splurge during the holidays.  She may have a point, but THEN we have to lose all of that weight again.

Instead, we could strategize about maintaining or even losing weight during this holiday season.  I have 4 practical approaches to maintaining weight during the holidays.

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weight maintenance during holidays

4 Practical Approaches to Weight Maintenance during Holidays

Make Healthier Choices at Holiday Gatherings

Holiday parties are wonderful.  Everyone plans out their menus, with the delectable morsels and savory dishes.  However, by maintaining a practical approach to weight maintenance, you could select that wonderful piece of prime rib, but maybe have a healthy salad before.

You also could choose to eat prior to attending the work holiday party.  By packing out healthy food choices, you won’t be as starved while schmoozing with co-workers.

Drink More Water than Alcohol

Let’s face it. Alcohol has more calories than water.  Doesn’t sound fun, right?  So why not balance out by drinking water in between a cocktail or two.  Not only will this help that future hangover, but you could save yourself some calories.

Don’t Forget About Exercise!

I get it.  The holidays can be overwhelmingly busy.  However, by applying a practical approach to exercise, you could schedule your workout.  Use the calendar feature on your phone so a notification alerts you.  Wake up earlier than normal to get in at least 10 minutes.

There are plenty of YouTube videos featuring 10-minute workouts.  I like to follow Jessica Smith TV, where her workout videos vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.  Check them out here if you are pressed for time.

Eat Healthier Before That Holiday Meal

It’s Thanksgiving and you know you’re hungry.  Why not nibble on some healthy snacks prior to consuming the holiday calories?  This way, you don’t feel so ravenous as you are filling up your plate.

Another tidbit is to drink a glass of water before a meal.  Drinking water will fill your tummy just a smidge, again helping to curb your appetite.

Was This Helpful?

I hope I have provided a few practical approaches to weight maintenance during the holidays.  I have been there too where the food looks and smells amazing and the urge to overeat is overwhelming.  However, if you think seriously about how hard you worked to lose weight or even maintain it, you might not see the scale tip so much after the holidays.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!




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