4 EXCELLENT Reasons to Homeschool Your Children

I am here to share my 4 EXCELLENT reasons to homeschool your children. My 7yo just began the 2nd grade and is really enjoying what he’s learning.  We use the online homeschooling program through K12 and haven’t looked back since. Here are my 4 excellent reasons why we homeschool our children. This page contains affiliate links.  Please see my Disclosure Page for more details.

4 excellent reasons homeschool children

4 EXCELLENT Reasons Why I Homeschool My Children

1st Excellent Reason: The Freedom to Explore

K12 provides a scheduled curriculum for the students; however, we do not have a rigid schedule set in place.  Otherwise, my 7yo would not be happy about that.  Instead, he and I figure out the day’s routine then we venture out and explore.

My husband and my boys all love nature so we have exploring our area as part of the Science curriculum.  We relocated to Sonoma County in April 2017 and have been relishing in the surrounding parks and nature walks available to us.  There are plenty of bugs and things for them to find.  I just take pictures.

4 excellent reasons homeschool children

2nd Excellent Reason: To learn on their own time

Early on, my 7yo has demonstrated a keen amount of stubbornness.  That being said, when he’s in the mood to learn, he’s REALLY in the mood and his homeschool lessons are finished quickly.  When he’s not, he’ll linger about and make excuses.  I have learned about compromising through homeschooling.

A definite bonus is he can learn at his own pace, rather than at the pace of everyone else.  He learns quickly so I know he would have my same experience, which is to wait for everyone else to catch up.  And I know my kid.  He would fidget, talk incessantly, and get into trouble. No thank you.

3rd Excellent Reason: Freedom to fidget

My 7yo son has ADHD, which is equivalent to fidget with a Capital F. As I am teaching, he paces, wanders, rolls on the ground, and sits periodically.  I have learned he comprehends what I am teaching as he fidgets.

I am a research junkie and am always looking for solutions.  When I noticed my 7 year old’s distraction level at a crazy rate, I began implementing art therapy.  I read this article in ADDitude Magazine where it discussed this type of therapy. I give my kid a pencil, paper, and ask him to draw while I am teaching. His hands are busy, but his mind is open so he absorbs what I am teaching.  https://www.additudemag.com/art-therapy-for-adhd/

4th Excellent Reason: Awesome Curriculum

K12 [http://www.k12.com/] has an awesome curriculum.  My husband and I decided to homeschool our children because of what K12 was offering at the kindergarten level.  My then 5yo was learning history and science at a young age.  It was adorable to hear him learn the continents of the world via song!  Two years later and we are still pleased with our choice to homeschool.

A concluding thought would be my husband and I do not regret homeschooling, as it has brought so many wonderful rewards to our family.  I do understand this type of learning is not for everyone and it does take a lot of sacrifice for a parent to stay at home, but the benefits are amazing. I hope my 4 EXCELLENT reasons at least give you, the reader, some food for thought. Happy Reading!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Really great reasons to homeschool! I started homeschooling this year and the freedom to work out our own pace and explore are very rewarding. Learning isn’t so boring anymore.
    Mom Insane Fit

    1. Liz says:

      Thank you for the comment Jenny! Everyone has their own personal reasons for homeschooling so I thought to throw mine into the mix. Just for fun! Good luck with the homeschooling.

  2. I’ve been homeschooling my little since first grade in 2016. We LOVE it! I use a mixture of curriculums because she has some areas she needs remediation, but I think it’s wonderful that I can do that for her. Math can go at HER pace so she masters it, step by step, instead of having to be just like her peers who are neurotypical. Where she is flourishing, in art and language arts, I can give her texts appropriate for her level. Last year, we did The Wizard of Oz and I think this spring we’re going to tackle Treasure Island.

    The more and more I homeschool, the more and more I wonder how it became the “normal” thing to do to send our kids away from us all day. I do still work, getting up early to write my books before she gets up. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for my daughter to have an education that’s right for her.

    1. Liz says:

      I wholeheartedly agree Elizabeth! Earlier this summer, I had been contemplating sending my son to public school. Then his K12 materials box arrived and I saw what he would be learning and all the public school thoughts left. His curriculum is awesome, he learns quickly, and he is getting more socialization this year. I also am working out the family schedule and blogging so yay for us! We are all alive still in spite of a crazy schedule.

      Glad to hear things are working out for you and yours as well! Thanks for commenting!

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