How To Overcome Stress and Anxiety – 9 Tips to Try Today!

I am overwhelmed right now. My life is inundated with major amounts of stress and anxiety.  Both of my kids start school next week.  I need to organize my life, house, and blogging schedule.  My wallet was also stolen over the weekend so I am working through that mess.  How can I cope with all this?  I began to think about how to solve my dilemma then came up with 9 tips for overcoming stress and anxiety.  Let me share them with you.

overcome stress and anxiety

9 Tips to Overcome Stress and Anxiety Situations

Move to a Quiet Room.

My mind is a jumbled mess.  To calm my thoughts, I have been moving to a quiet room and breathing deep.  Stress and anxiety can do a number over your emotions, thoughts, and health, which has led me to research ways to cope. I have read many articles discussing the benefits of breathing deep and I can confirm it works.

Make a List.

I believe in using lists for everything.  I keep a daily to-do list which has helped me in overcoming my stress and anxiety.  As I make a check on my to-do list, I honestly feel better internally. 


Exercise is a key ingredient to manage stress and anxiety.  As a busy mom, it can be difficult to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, but I use my Google calendar app and schedule my exercise routine.  I am less stressed, have lost a few pounds and less anxious about life’s happenings. 

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Lavender Oil. 

Lavender oil is just lovely in general, but it also helps calm nerves and stress.  I buy a bottle at Target or WalMart, apply to my wrists, rub them together, and smell the scent.   Either way, this essential oil will help you handle stress and anxiety.

Chamomile Tea. 

I love tea – British tea, green tea, cinnamon tea.  But when I am trying to overcome stress and anxiety, I enjoy chamomile tea.  This tea really does calm your nerves and makes you just a tad better.  I think of my beloved grandmother as I drink and I definitely feel happier. She loved this kind of tea.

Call or Text Vent a Friend or Significant Other.

I am very fortunate I can alk to my husband about anything.  However, when he is unavailable, I call or text vent several excellent friends who provide the balm to my nerves.  I let out whatever is plaguing my mind and am happy I did it.

Rock Out with Music.

If music can calm the savage beast, it can also calm a stressful and anxious life.  I like to turn on Pandora and just listen.  I turn on classical music for my 7yo son during our homeschool lessons. This tends to sooth his nerves. 


I recently read an article in Psychology Today about the healing power of hugs and it was lovely o read. I remember as a kid feeling stressed about homework or friendship issues.  My mother or grandmother would offer a hug and everything felt better.  The power of human connection through hugging is mind boggling. 

Count Backwards from 10.

My kids are young (ages 7 and 4 1/2) and were watching a show on PBS Kids called Peg + Cat.  This cartoon is about a girl and her cat and their  crazy, learning adventures.  Peg feels stressed out so Cat reminds her to count backwards from 10 to calm down.  After seeing this, I have tried to imitate this in my household for all of my family and it does help with the stress and anxiety of any given situation.

In conclusion, I know our lives are complicated and can be overwhelming.  However, take a step back and contemplate on what you CAN do, instead of what you CAN’T.  I hope you have enjoyed this article and may try out some of my steps for overcoming stress and anxiety.  Please feel free to leave some comments or ask questions about relieving stress and dealing with anxiety.  Take care!

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    1. Liz says:

      Thank you Sandy! I have been testing out these tips as I was writing this article and I admit, they all have worked. I am still a little stressed, but have aids in reducing my anxieties and stress levels.

  1. Fiona says:

    Great tips. I would love to use the lavender oil. That sounds great

    1. Liz says:

      Thank you Fiona! I personally love the smell of lavender and then to use it as a relaxing oil sounded heavenly. And it really is effective.

  2. Tijana says:

    These are some excellent tips. I especially liked the addition of the hug. There is nothing more comforting than a hug especially when it is just one where someone holds you really tight. My husband gives the best hugs.

    1. says:

      I wholeheartedly agree Tijana. I appreciate hugs as a comforting source. My kids are young (7 and 4 1/2) and always run to me when they are in need of comfort or anxious about something. Hugging is important, human contact is important.

  3. Maya says:

    Great tips, thanks! I love lavender!

    1. says:

      Thank you Maya! I love everything about lavender as well. The smell is refreshing and obviously helps calms your nerves. Bath and Body Works has a perfume called French Lavender and Honey and it really smells lovely. I appreciate the comment.

  4. Great tip I use lavender oil to clean my house with some baking soda and vinegar, never know the odor can reduce stress that good to know.

    1. says:

      Oh wow – baking soda, vinegar and lavende oil as cleaning agernts? Thanks for your tip. I will try that when I next clean my house.

  5. Chevelle says:

    All of these things. Lists make things so much better. I instantly feel calmer and more in control when I write things down. Great suggestions!

    1. says:

      Thank you for the comment Chevelle! I appreciate your comments. Life is so stressful and bleak some times so it’s nice to have calming alternatives to help us settle down, calm the nerves.

  6. Belle says:

    I’ve done some of these and they really do help overcoming stress and anxiety! Such a great post!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    1. Liz says:

      Thanks Beth for commenting. We all do not realize how stressed and anxious we actually are until we reach the desperation point. It’s nice to have some back-up plans to calm ourselves.

  7. Jen says:

    Loud music and a good workout help me every time! I love all your suggestions here and will remember these on my next stress ride!

    1. Liz says:

      Thanks Jen for commenting! I love loud music too, but during homeschooling, my son needs less distractions so we stick to classical music. Afterwards, he’ll ask for rock music. 🙂

  8. Susannah says:

    One of the things that helps me is taking a few long, deep breaths!

    1. Liz says:

      I agree! A quiet room and long, deep breaths have helped me recently. Thanks for the comment Susannah.

  9. Jenny says:

    Wonderful tips! For me, taking a second to breathe and calm down really help.

    1. Liz says:

      Thanks for the comment Jenny! I find every bit helps when you are looking for solutions and stress and anxiety are running rampant lately. I just put myself in the situation and thought of all the things that help me calm. Thanks again!

  10. courtney says:

    Those are some really fantastic tips. I struggle with anxiety and I find my best coping methods are to clean and to listen to loud music.

    1. Liz says:

      Thanks Courtney! I agree with your coping methods. I do feel less anxious when my house is cleaner.

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