What a Busy Time!

Hello…I have been busy trying to get this blog going, researching, writing posts, and, of course, my family keeps me busy.

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Child A went to the optometrist and needs glasses so time to find the right frames for him.  I feel for him because I had to wear glasses at a young age and DID NOT like it at all, much to my mother’s chagrin.  LOL. Hopefully he will have a better attitude about it.

I had a friend come into town, a former co-worker from way back in the day.  We have been friends for 20 years so Spouse, the kids, and trekked over to where she was staying and had an enjoyable lunch and day.  So fun to reminisce.

I hope your day has been a good one.  I am on to prattle on elsewhere, probably over to Spouse and see what he’s doing.  Bye! [wpforms id=”69″]