Welcome to Perfectly Practical Prattle!

I didn’t think I would make it this far. I had been contemplating writing a blog for a bit, but moved like a turtle in order to make it happen. Why be fearful, right? Well, putting yourself out there takes initiative (which I have in abundance) but also sharing a part of yourself for people to relate to, which can be difficult for me anyways. Moving forward, I am here to be of service to YOU, my hopeful readers.

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I am sharing on a number of topics which I find interesting and are near and dear to my heart, such as nutrition, diabetes (which I do have and am striving to keep in control), ADHD (which my husband and two of my three children have), and secular homeschooling, I hope you join me in this ride we call Life as we prattle away about anything and everything. I appreciate feedback and questions regarding the site.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Heather says:

    Very proud of you!!

    1. liz.hossenlopp@gmail.com says:

      Thank you my friend! I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Diana Cox says:

    way to get out of your comfort zone.

    1. liz.hossenlopp@gmail.com says:

      I agree, but I am also looking forward to posting, building the blog, and staying home with the kids. I had contemplated returning to work, but ended up creating a blog. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Diana!

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